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We are a creative team who design and implement innovative campaigns
for the products that exist for the centre of consumers lives.

We Think

while we are equipped to handle industry giants, our true passion lies in helping small businesses. We work towards understanding your business and craft a strategy aiming to accentuate your vision and goals.

We Create

design that scales up marketing strategies for company who are ready for next level business growth. Every design process involves sketching, refinement, critiquing and re-refinement until we achieve the best outcome.

We Deliver

solutions, we commit to deliver strategic assets for across different digital platforms. We understand brand is more than just a visual element, it is the values and vision which every audience are waiting to hear. We help you to connect with those audience out there waiting to connect with you.

Our Mission:

To compose ideas that grow business and to collaborate with brands

Our Works

Our Services

We provide services to advertising agencies, editorial, brands and other production companies such as equipment rental, location scouting, directors and photographers. Through our strong network of local collaborators we offer creative solutions like:


Tour our Studio or Read FAQ

Studio Space

- By Hour -
Rs. 500/-
Two Hour Maximum Required
Studio Floor Access
Lighting Equipment (Additional Charges)
Camera Equipments (Not Included)
Cleaning / Damage Charges if applicable
Must be booked at least 72 hours in advance
- Full Day -
Rs. 8000/-
8 hours Shift
Studio Floor Access /Changing Room / Lounge and Sit Out Area
Lighting Equipments (Mentioned in below Section)
Photography Backdrops (*)
Photography Lights (*)
Camera Equipments (*)
Posing Boxes, Table, Stools
Reflectors / Stands
(*) Available at Additional Cost
Cleaning / Damage Charges applicable
Must be booked at least 1 week in advance
- Gallery Per Day -
Rs. 2000/-
Space for Photography Prints
Chairs and Table for Register
Projectors (Additional Charges)
Camera and Lighting Equipments (Not Included)
Cleaning / Damage Charges applicable
Must be booked at least 1 month in advance

FAQ About studio

Styling of Space
We are continually improving the studio, so there may be some updates or improvements. We clean the space regularly and we also ask that our guests be respectful and keep things tidy. Size of the floor = 30ft length x 20ft width x 14ft height fully White floor & ceiling. We also provide different background screens.
Is Video Shoot Possible?
We highly recommend touring the studio before requesting rental for a video shoot, especially if you will be recording audio during your time in our studio. We are an advertised still-photography studio, we reserve the right to decline any video shoots, as they do not fit within the scope of our normal business. Having said that plenty of people have shot videos, film sequences and television serials.
Can I shoot boudoir/artistic nude in the studio?
Our studio is a self-enclosed space with adequate privacy and coverings. However, individuals in attendance of boudoir/glamour/artistic nude sessions must be 18 years of age or older. There are NO exceptions to this policy. We reserve the right to terminate any session at any time without refund.
Can I construct set within studio?
Yes, you can. However we recommend tour the studio before requesting. Time taken for set construction and removal will be considered as part of studio rental on hourly basis.
Kind of Lighting
Variety of photography lighting and fixtures that can be turned on/off for different moods.
Dressing Space
Bulbed Mirror Hair and Make-up Station w/ Chair in shoot area.
Is there a bathroom
Yes, we have a unisex bathroom available for customers.
Parking Space
Yes. Closed parking for 2 Cars and enough street parking is free.
What is nearby
Local bars, restaurants, Salons, clothing boutiques, & shopping mall.
Nearest Public Transportation?
Jumbo Savari Last Bus, Jarganahalli Metro is just 1 KM, 1 KM from Meenakshi Mall
We like the place, Can we Host a party?
Sorry, Our space is intended for professional use only.
What includes in studio rental?
Your rental includes studio time, use of studio furniture, apple boxes, multiple v-flats, studio fan, folding tables, rolling chalkboard wall, and access to wi-fi upon request. (Note: “studio time” must include time for set-up and breakdown of anything used during your session, including cleaning and resetting the studio furniture to it’s proper place, so please plan accordingly when making your request).
Need an extra hand?
One assistant will be there to assist with your photo-shoot in the studio.
How about Cancellation?
Strictly no refunded, however dates can be altered based on availability of studio floor.

Light Equipments:

    • Elinchrom – 400 (1 nos)
    • Elinchrom – 23 (2 nos)
    • Prolinchrom – 23 (2 nos)
    • Elinchrom Octa 135 (1No)
    • Elinchrom 1×1 Soft Box (2Nos)
    • Elinchrom Maxi soft Dish
    • Elinchrom Reflector
    • Elinchrom snoot (3Nos)
    • Boom Stand
    • Normal Light Stand (6Nos)

Camera Equipment:

  • Canon 5D Mark 2 and 70D Body with 2 Extra Batteries
  • Canon 50mm F/1.4 (2Nos)
  • Canon 10-22mm F/4.5 L2 Lens
  • Canon 17-40mm F/4.5 L2 Lens
  • Canon 18-55mm F/4.5 L2 Lens
  • Canon 100mm Macro F/2.8 Lens
  • Canon 70-200mm F/2.8 Lens
  • Canon 2x Extender

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Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us
We would love to discuss on your project

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